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Computer Requirements for FIFA 18 PC Version

According to EA official configuration list. In DIRECCTX 12 environment, the recommended configuration need over i3-6300T. Graphics card requires GTX670+. The requirements of the overall PC is not high. The CPU and graphics are, after all, needed hardware several years ago. After these years, now the hardware performance is far more than the average level.

In the case of DIRECCTX 11, the official recommended allocation list, it requires i5-3550k, which is a little higher than the configuration requirement of the DIRECCTX 12 environment. If you want to play the game better, the configuration of your computer will have to be based on the official configuration requirements. Is your computer up to the requirements? Here's a good way to run the game.

Stegosaurus G4 is equipped with Intel core i7 7700 processor, which has a high frequency of 3.6GHz and four core eight threads. In the process of the game, it can switch characters freely, and the operation speed is extremely fast. Graphics shadow is GTX 1060 6G at 13-11, 1519/1734 MHZ core frequency, frequency 8000 MHZ memory, under the scenarios of high quality, it can deal with very well, you can play in virtual stadium to the free play of extreme action.

Asus B250M-PIXIU main board, shadow DDR4 8G/2400 light bar memory, jiaxing t11256g M. 2, the overall hardware together, performance is far beyond the normal mainstream PC level.

It can be seen from the video card ladder diagram, GTX670 video card belongs to the high-end graphics CARDS, and GTX1060 is between high-end graphics and the most high-end graphics CARDS. Obviously GTX1060 is better than GTX670 graphics on many aspects, so using kokuryudo stegosaurus G4 to play FIFA 18 is more than enough.

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