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Contract Negotiation and Transfer Window in FUT

Renewal: players will only be willing to negotiate with you in the contract for the remaining time six months to one year. When it is over one year, they refuse to negotiate.

Contract negotiation skills: At the beginning of the negotiations, the players will assert their claims or their intentions. Often, they are not considering retiring, on the case that when they have reached a consensus with other clubs, you can use strategies to meet their conditions with the players to renew.

No matter how many times a player refused your renewal, you can immediately raise requirement to renew once again with the lowest conditions until he promised. Remember, be sure to meet the player's request - usually salary, contract period requirements.

In order to be able to meet the player's salary requirements, you have to arrange your financial arrangements. In the renewal season, there must be sufficient funds to cope with soaring player's salary.

Transfer window is divided into winter transfer window and summer transfer window. Winter transfer window is open in the middle of a season, the summer transfer window is open before the beginning of a season.

So in the winter transfer window there is generally very few high-quality players to leave. A lot of clubs will not choose to be in the season when the players leave. While the summer transfer window, the player transfer market will become hot, then you buy the player as a reinforcement position.

"Make up" and "reinforcement", you have to figure out the level of the two is not the same. Therefore, in the winter window, do not to buy players by spending too much money.

When the transfer window opens, these transfer days will show a loop sign in the calendar, meaning that you will be able to carry out the transfer operation including search player, scout analysis, negotiation, Agreement with the other party, agreement with the target player.

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