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Create Black Card Squade Without Spending Money

In FIFA 18, how to set up a more practical black card lineup? Many players who have just come into contact with the game do not want to use too much money, but they can not get a good card, so they can not form a stronger team. Today vipfifa18 would like to share with everyone method that how to build a practical black card lineup FIFA 18 without spending money.

FIFA is not playing the gold card but black card. Black cards will rise but the gold cards will only fall. Vipfifa18 is not loyal to reselling players, because in essence, I am comfortable when I'm using cards that I have regarding their value. Reselling is a waste of energy. Usually we do not have enough time, so it is not recommended.

In player selection, let's compare Martinez and Gold Messi first so that you will know what kind of card you should choose.
We can see that Martinez in the key attributes is not worse than Messi too much. The ability of strength to bounce the ball surpasses Messi a lot. Speed is comparable, but shooting and dribbling are a little weaker than Messi as well as pass. Vipfifa18 thinks that pass can not reflect obviously the most in FIFA 18 (the reasons I do not to explain).

Another striker is so poor. The one who kicked off in the European Cup against Germany. This mentally retarded by the Potty 120 minutes to change to T penalty the first kick also T fly. As to player data, with reference to the above I described the study of the property. You can see that the price is actually very high.

Gold card is not posted.  They are all transition card waiting for the emergence of a variety of black card for slowly reinforcement, so the fun will be promoted to pay attention to every week. Whether edge of the black card has such a high value?

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