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Difference Between FIFA 18 And PES 2018

Vipfifa18 believes there are many players having experienced FIFA 18. Let us make a contrast together with PES 2018.

FIFA 18's image is extremely excellent. Frostbite engine bring us a very realistic and full of dynamic fanatical stadium. Compared to PES 2018's simple color, FIFA 18 is very bright and brilliant so that we can feel the passion from the stadium.

The level of light and dark contrast and dynamic light further stimulate our vision so that we immerse in a field of wild game. Vipfifa18 always feels that it is not an operator with an arm, but one football enthusiast in the big stadium.

In the lens and playback processing, compare to PES 2018, FIFA 18 knows how to seize the player's mind. Especially when our striker in the multi-person kicking into a difficult goal, when the one vacated, the lens fixed in that great moment. As a fan, we must be blood boiling, keep roaring.

When the game went into critical moments, the appropriate trainer close-up will increase the tension of the game atmosphere. At this time, a few substitutions are talking about tactics while running. This feeling is simply unparalleled. If we happen to come to an offensive football, playing off the other off guard, the other goalkeeper's helpless expression will make us smile. How awesome it is!

PES 2018 gives us true feeling. However, FIFA 18 on this basis is to give more spiritual stimulation, let us appreciate the wonderful life and great football.

As for the other, the women's football is still very interesting. On the green field full of men's muscle flavor, seeing those soft and tough body is a sense of relaxation, but also a sports spirit of alternative feelings. As long as you love football, you are able to understand the meaning of hard work.

The addition of a number of adjustable content in manager mode makes the management more real. We can be more flexible to manage the team's pay line through some subtle control to build our own football dynasty.

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