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FIFA 18 Essential Tips From Vipfifa18

Keep the ball moving - when you play FIFA 18, especially against AI opponents, you should always try to keep the ball moving. Pass, pass, pass, even if you don't have a real idea. It's much better to get the ball back to your side than to give up and lose ownership on the ball. The more you pass, the more opportunities you have to create some space for the attack.

Sprinting is dangerous - in FIFA 18 sprint has times and places. If you'redesperately trying to catch an attacker or have plenty of room to get in, go ahead. Washed away. However, the general sprint will make you lose control of the ball and you will be an easy target for defenders. Don't rush in a crowded place, because you'll knock on the door, and the defender will be easily deprived.

Don't hit your attacks - although the quick pass allows the player to try quickly, it doesn't always work, because you'll find that your forward can catch the ball without any support in midfield. If most of your team can defend after gaining possession, please pass forward later to make sure the attacker has support around it.

Don't press tackle frantically - although this may sound obvious, it's tempting to repeatedly push the slide button when you want to take ownership. With more details in our guide, introduce how to deal with FIFA's 18, but the simple version is that if you miss a treatment, your defender is not present, then, so let the attacker went around. Positioning yourself in front of the attacker is a good security strategy.

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