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FIFA 18 Legend Difficulty Computer Gameplay Ideas Sharing

FIFA 18 Legend difficulty of computer AI with very high accuracy of tacit and shooting. For novice players, if you want to successfully beat the legendary computer, it is not a simple thing. FIFA 18 legendary difficulty of computer thinking ideas are introduced here.

1, Playing against computer can not be the same as against people, because people will make mistakes, the computer is basically a procedure, does not make a mistakes.

2, Find a side formation with wing, be sure to fight the way. After you are used to playing sidewalk, you can beat him with 5: 0 even you are out of mind. Midfielder transition is not need to say. After a few two vs. one to the winger, speed up to run. Near the bottom line, press fake plus or other fancy change back, go to the middle pass. The first catch The opportunity to shoot, no chance to immediately pass next one, waving feet on the shot, passing the hand to be faster. The computer on this side from the side of the attack, just like a stupid.

3, Do not go to the road unless you are very patient. It is not to say that the road can not play, you can beat him easily from the side, why you seriously hit the road.

4, It is better to do fancy, do a fancy as acceleration. I feel the computer should be stiff then.

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