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FIFA 18 Modifier and How to Use

If you meet situation that when playing FIFA 18 games against computer, you will lose often. Maybe you feel your player attributes is not so good. So here using a modifier is a good choice. Today vipfifa18 brings you limnono to share FIFA 18 big modifier and usage directions.

In main menue, press HOME button to initialize modifier and then opens corresponding functions.

Quick modifications
The F1 home team opens superpowers.
The F2 home team opens up unlimited energy.
The F3 visiting team opens the super power.
The F4 visiting team opens unlimited energy.

Property modification
After initialization of modifier, choose team management TAB in the game - > left click to select to modify properties of players (to prevent accidentally touch the other players, it is best to press Q on the page for details).

Switch to the modifier, click player properties to read the data, enter the number in the corresponding attribute input box which supports 1-128 characters. Time change can be defined as the interval between 1 and 50 minutes, and the rate of physical exertion varies with the time of the game.

Today, foreign media brings the latest 4 k FIFA 18 screenshots. You can see, as FIFA 18 used EA's Frostbite engine, both character details and the light and shadow, especially the depth of field functions is very natural, very realistic.

The test uses the I7 4930K and GTX980Ti graphics card, which has the effect of 4K resolution. The rest of the scenes can be kept in 60 frames without the playback being locked in 30 frames.

As you can see, FIFA 18 is still the best football game in the world. Let's enjoy it together. Vipfifa18 is an online store selling FIFA 18 coins. We have the most professional developing team. Here you can read latest FIFA news and gameplay tips.

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