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Get FIFA 18 Closed Beta Invite

It is reported that EA Sports is sending a "FIFA 18" Beta code invitation for the player. Since this time is a closed test, the recipient of the message should not be too much.

"FIFA 18" BETA packaging and testing client's volume is not small, up to 34GB, than any series before the work to be larger, may need to test the content of more reason. The test platform is only for PS4 and Xbox One. Players who participate in the BETA test can not live and can not record videos or screenshots.

According to Reddit players said the invitation match the account, so players can not buy, give or use another person's invitation. Players can only play BETA invitation mode, other game mode can not play. BETA play archives will not inherit to the final game.

EA official has not yet announced "FIFA 18" BETA packaging and testing official start time. However, many of the provisions of closed testing, believe we are not easy to get new content and you can choose our FIFA 18 Coins while playing FIFA 18.

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