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Goalkeeping the Last Line of Defense in FIFA 18

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The last line of defense against your opponent is your goalkeeper. Fortunately, in terms of control, playing goalie is not too complicated for FIFA 18, although it is difficult to master.

The most important part of a goalkeeper is positioning. If you play it easy and you don't want to play the goalkeeper, you can simply press L1 / LB to make the game play for you. This usually puts you in a good position, so if it suits you and you don't mind letting the game do the work, go ahead.

If you want to play the goalkeeper harder, of course you can control your GK with your left hand. When your opponent has a ball, you can play by O/B or Square/X to prevent the ball from entering the goal. Only when you are sure to play, remember, you should only use this, and you want to efforts in the direction of you, because your body will fall to the ground, players will have to wait for you to restore, if the ball is still in the hands of rivals, let your target.

Similar to a defender's inclusion function, the goalkeeper can hold down R1 / RB to control the ball's opponents. In FIFA 18, that's not a good idea, unless you're sure the ball won't fall behind you. When an opponent accidentally puts a distance between himself and the ball and knows that he has enough time to recover, you should use it.

Once you're out of your opponent's control, pick up the ball and just press R1 / RB. Once it's under your control, you can throw it away or pass it with X/A, put it in triangle/Y, or kick it with Square/X.

There are two types of throwing and kicking as goalkeepers: normal and driven. The difference between the two is the lower the drive Angle, the greater the power. To perform a driven pass and a driven pedal, you are holding R1 / RB while doing the same input for normal movement. When you want to make a powerful counterattack, a kick or toss of the ball in FIFA 18 is perfect.

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