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How to Purchase and Sell Players in FIFA 18

Selling ​​players operation: selling players does not go through any negotiations. Directly choose on the team list, to move the player out to transfer window and indicate the transfer price.

If you go back, before selling out, cancel the sale of the player. But you should pay attention to the player who was placed in the transfer window. It will have a certain impact on the attitude and mind of the player.

You can take an initiative to sell players. In addition that, in the transfer window open period, there will be other clubs takeing the initiative to ask you for players. You can give the transfer fee based on each other, combining with your scout recommendations, to modify the transfer fee or to refuse the transfer transaction operation.

Then how to buy players? We have talked about it in my relative site Except what we talked there. There is one point we should know that is very important in buying players, which is scout analysis.

When you successfully search for a player, do not rush to buy. You can send your gold scout to to analyze your favorite players because he is more professional than you. After all, we have no too much time to study it or you can be an expert.

The time of the analysis is based on the strength of the scout. The higher the scouting strength is, the more time the analyze has. After the analysis, he can also lower the transfer fee. When the player is sold, the scout can also raise the transfer fee.

After the analysis, scout will give a transfer fee range. You generally choose the lowest price in the range. It is different if you sell players. You should choose to the highest transfer price player. So there is a good scout in the transfer to get the price advantage. It can not be better.

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