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Introduction of consumable cards in management club

Training card is unlike that in coaching mode and player mode. In the FUT, you are using a training card to improve your player's skills on non-match days. To note, the training card is divided into ordinary player training and goalkeeper training.

Injury card: injury card can be used for injured players to reduce their recovery time. Players may be injured in the game, especially when they are extremely tired. Use the injury card to speed up its recovery rate so that players return to the stadium as soon as possible.

Coach Card: In FUT mode, the coach decides the team's tactical system. Coach as a player, as long as the coach and the players have same international, the club's identity, he will enhance the team's overall properties.

Contract Card: The player will consume the contract every time he plays. Players in the team will spend the contract deadline. If the contract expires, then the players can not play for you to play.

Expired players can not play, but they still exist in your lineup. When you have money to buy contract cards for them to renew, they can fight for you. In order to allow the entire team to run smoothly, you should buy more contracts. It should be noted that players the system borrowed can not renew, when their contract expires, they will permanently leave the team.

Location replacement card: use it to replace the team tactical formation at once. Style card: players learn new football skills, so as to enhance the properties of a player.

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