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More and more information about the features of FIFA 18

More and more information about the features of FIFA 18, the new edition of the game produced by Electronic Arts, is due to be released by the end of September. After officialization of the new cover man, Cristiano Ronaldo, the wait is getting stronger. The Hollywood EA Play conference was the occasion to talk about the latest software house news with a special attention to the game that much like those who love football.

Players will first appreciate the new fluid animations. The games can be made simpler to make them as close as possible to reality. The cross, for example, will be really rich in facets: each user will have the choice of various options to send the ball inside the area. Enhanced assisters too.

However, FIFA 18's main innovation will concern Real Player animation technology, an innovative system that unlocks a new level of player responsiveness and personality. Playing will be even more exciting with actions that will be pretty much the same as those we see in the official races.

Teams can also count on a more elaborate artificial intelligence. Those who will try to get involved with FIFA 18 will have the choice of the style of play that they feel will fit their tastes: from tiki-taka to a more wary scheme, besides the ball-free insertions so much fans of fans around the world.

There will also be a small gap in the past editions: EA Sports engineers have decided to make the atmospheres within the stadium even more engaging, with a realistic sunshine and climatic management. There will also be some details about the playground and banners specific to clubs and stadiums, an adaptive telecronaca and variable field quality.

It is also possible, as indicated on the official website of the software house, to attend real exigencies immediately after each goal.

It also changes the structure of dribbling: Strong players will face duels one against one with greater creativity. There will be more precise touches and shorter directional changes. As anticipated by Sam Rivera: "What you have in mind you can transfer it with the joypad".

In addition, the contribution provided by the new testimonial, CR7, has been decisive. The Portuguese has made an important contribution by providing data on acceleration, cadence, skill and shooting technique. These allowed the whole game to improve the player's fluidity, reactivity and explosiveness. More information click website which offer you Cheap FIFA 18 Coins for you!

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