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Roberto May Leave Barcelona

"Roberto dangerous!" Vipfifa18 said in headline of its cover. After Neymar, Barcelona will face with another player being forced to take away by other clubs. The player is Roberto.

According to vipfifa18, following Chelsea and Manchester United, Juventus also joined the pursuit of Roberto. They are also willing to pay 40 million euros contract breach. According to previous reports, Chelsea is very interested in Roberto. Conte has expressed his hope to the club to contact with Barcelona to discuss the wishes of the transfer of Roberto. Conte believes that after the departure of Matic and the lost to Arsenal, the team needs to be strengthened, and Roberto is very suitable for their own tactical system.

Roberto's contract in Barcelona was 40 million euros. Barcelona club listed him as a non-sale, and do not want to discuss his transfer. So the other clubs in order to dig Roberto need to pay the contract breach of contract. In today's market environment, the price of 40 million euros has been considered cabbage price.

Vipfifa18 revealed that, Roberto did not make a clear decision. He hopes to stay in Barcelona, ​​but not unconditionally. Last season he had promised to return to the midfield position this season, but the problem is that he can not get the coach Valverde's trust, in several preseason games, he failed to get the starting position.

Roberto hopes to talk with Barcelona high-level, he hoped that the club can give him a clear answer, that is, next season whether he can play the main force or not. If he can not get the protagonist position, he will consider to leave. And Roberto want to get a main position in the Barcelona midfielder is not easy.

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