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Switch Version FIFA 18 A Failed Test

FIFA series in the Nintendo platform history is not glorious. Once sold several generations are shrunk versions on PlayStation, Xbox platforms. Unfortunately, the Switch version of FIFA 18 has continued this tradition, the real achievements of FIFA series of elements have been substantially reduced restrictions. The game experience can only be considered barely acceptable.

If you want to play the game alone, the Switch version of FIFA 18 has provided the best experience under the current conditions. From the functional point of view it has more in common with last year's: they are similar in speed and control, which means that players in the Switch version of FIFA 18 can not do as sensitively as in the PlayStation / Xbox platform. The players feel very heavy, it is difficult to turn, which also makes the game more sensitive to the sense of slow.

In contrast, the ball also makes people feel very light, as if the soccer ball on the pitch is the kind of cheap football you play in your childhood. Gently kick it like rockets fly to the target; but in the long goal, the speed of losing a ball will be faster than you expected.

Of course, if you have several switches on hand or just before the TV, there are enough handles, you can also play online with your friends. You can also take the Joy-Con handle to play the tabletop mode, but too little button will severely limit your game. It is clear that you can not play what fancy skills or exquisite shot.

Taking into account the FIFA 18 is the core of the attack, it can not achieve these most basic game features, which has seriously affected the gaming experience. So it gives the impression is more like a failed experimental product, rather than a viable game.

Ultimately, FIFA 18 on the Switch platform is still just a wish of what could have been. Shrink game mode gives us a sense of going through the entire game process, it can not do as the PS4 / Xbox on the full version. If you only want to play single mode or local online mode game, then Switch version can do it. If you have already played this function on other platforms, you will find that the Sunday League in the game is so much diluted that vipfifa18 can not recommend it to you. is a legal online store selling cheap FIFA 18 coins. If you want to buy FIFA 18 COINS, try to buy on

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