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Team Report of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Mode

The team report will respond team's whole information. Vipfifa18 would like to explain you what information wil be reported.

Contract information shows the player contract expire date. You have to renew this player in advance first half of a year to one year, otherwise the players who do not renew are free to leave the club. Some players have reached a deal with other clubs, which will indicate that the player will join the other club after the expiration of the contract.

Injury conditions: players with no injury will be indicated that they can participate in games. If there is a wounded player, here will specify the player's suffering area indicating the number of days or months needed to stop injury.

Penalties: When the player gets a red card, it will specify the number of days the player needs to be suspended for the red card. Some events will have a "cumulative yellow card" penalty. When the player in this event accumulated 2 or 3 yellow cards on the need to suspend a rule, you can also see the appropriate information in the penalty situation.

Player performance: This shows the number of players participating in various events, the number of goals, the number of assists, the number of defenses, the number of red cards and average game scores. Here, you are critical to the player's average game score. You can understand the player's overall performance.

Player Attribute Rating: You only need to select a player in the "Team Report" interface, then press the RB button. You can view the player's all attribute score. And in the property next to some "increase or decrease the number" means effect of players in the game after training to enhance or cut.

In general, participation in the game is to enhance the player's best score the best way to improve the player's score is the best way to participate in training

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