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The Player with the lowest rating in FIFA 18

We all know that C Ronaldo in FIFA 18 has the highest overall rating. In FIFA 17, he was ahead of Messi (93) and Neymar (92), while the latest version of this year, the Portuguese's ability rised to 95. But it seems that we have never have curiosity on who is the player in FIFA 18 with the lowest rating.

One player called Tommy Käßemode in FIFA 18 registered in the name of the German league league Ouer. This 29-year-old player in his FIFA 18 with the capacity of only 46. The datas are: Speed ​​23, shot 42, pass 48, defense 36. Is this ability too low? But it is no wonder that Tommy has not yet played for Oyer. In fact, his job is not a player, but the club's equipment administrator.

But Tommy is indeed the registered player by the team on the lineup list. This is because each German League team needs four players from the youth team. Tom just meets this requirement. Who knows? Maybe one day once he played, he can show us stunning performance.

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