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Will Fifa 18 on PS3 and Xbox 360 Be The Latest Version

In an interview for 2013 at the famous Gamespot Blake Jorgensen site, Electronic Arts's Chief Financial Officer stated that he was planning to continue developing his famous "Old gen" console, namely Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, at least until To the 2017 edition (ie Fifa 2018).

There are other considerations that lead us to assume that this could actually be the latest version available for those two consoles:

Failure to support the Frostbite Engine, which has already given Fifa 17 a castrated version, for example "Travel" mode. Also missing the Fut Champions, probably the most played in this edition.

With the arrival of a special version for Nintendo Switch (Buy Switch FIFA 18 Coins online) will start to be a bit too different versions to develop and maintain, also considering that at the end of the year will debut the new Xbox, code name Scorpio that, as the PS4 Pro will offer Even higher performance.

If we add a predictable drop in sales, then Fifa 18's hypothesis as the latest release for PS3 and Xbox 360 is not so remote.

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